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Our Approach

Our Approach
Great Lakes Functional Neurology is dedicated to providing the highest standard of treatment possible by our patient-centered approach to diagnosis, treatment, and management of your injury. 

Our holistic healing paradigm centers on a custom, individualized treatment program because we believe every brain is unique and every injury is different.

Our mission is to help you understand your brain injury and get you back to normal, healthy living. We strive to equip you with the tools needed for your full brain recovery. Our team specializes in holistic brain healing regardless of lifestyle, activity level, or age.


(Before Treatment)


(After Treatment)


Vestibular, Proprioceptive,

Cognitive, and Visual Brain Therapies


 Programs Designed for Brain Health and Function

Funtional Neurology

Functional Neurology Treatment

Our functional neurology treatment is designed to reduce and eliminate neurological symptoms from various origins. We offer multiple different treatment modalities and programs to facilitate your recovery.


Initially, our neurological rehabilitation program starts with a comprehensive, in-depth examination consisting of diagnostic testing and a neurological bedside examination. Based on these results, we will formulate the best treatment program for your presentation. The initial examination typically lasts two hours.

Specific Testing

Depending on your unique situation, suggested treatment may differ in both length and frequency; most neurological conditions require a more frequent treatment plan (multiple treatment sessions in the same day) and consecutive treatment plan (treatment ranging from 3-5 consecutive days). However, treatment plans do vary and are solely based upon your symptom presentation and the results of our intake testing.

Targeted Retraining

Each treatment session will typically last one hour. Treatment sessions are not always the same; different therapies specific to your presentation will be utilized based on your needs. Most treatment sessions will include vestibular rehabilitation therapies, cognitive therapy, gravitational retraining, coordination therapies, proprioceptive retraining therapies, and neuromuscular rehabilitation therapies.

vestibular rehab for balance and motion sickness










with a Doctor

Chiropractic Therapy

Musculoskeletal Treatment

We offer traditional chiropractic treatment with additional electrical stimulation and vibrational therapies to induce lasting musculoskeletal recovery. 


Our chiropractic treatment ranges from instrumentation adjusting, manual adjusting, and drop-table adjustment applications, depending on your preference and your needs. Our detailed chiropractic evaluations can pinpoint the cause of many musculoskeletal or proprioceptive deficits.

Muscle Therapies

Our chiropractic treatment programs range in length. Initial evaluation and initial response to therapy are considered when creating your unique treatment plan. We do not utilize pre-formulated lengthy treatment packages. We are flexible and will always try to heal your injuries and complete your symptom recovery as quickly as possible. 

Spinal Health

Treatment Modalities Include:

- ARP Wave Therapy

- Vibrational Therapy

- Proprioceptive Retraining

- Segmental Spinal Decompression

-Muscle Pattern Retraining

-Gait Retraining

-Spinal/Extremity Adjustments

Neurologist exam for neuropathy and cerebellum



Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques






Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Treatment

Our Functional Medicine programs include nutritional planning and lifestyle modifications to reduce your symptoms to specific diagnostic blood testing procedures and follow-up care. Our functional medicine programs can be performed in person or virtually.


Supplementation is a large part of our nutritional treatment and recommendations.We utilize NutriDyn products to ensure that you have the highest quality supplements to help with your recovery. Our supplementation protocols are based upon various blood testing performed to diagnose functional deficiencies.

Metabolic Recovery

Symptoms we see include:

- GI discomfort

- Severe Fatigue

- Cognitive Impairment

- Memory Issues

- Anxiety

- Chronic Infections

- Personality Changes

- Emotional Changes



Targeted Blood Testing,





Blood Testing,

Nutritional Programs, Lifestyle Modifications

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