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Our Approach

Our Approach
We believe every brain is unique and every injury needs to be addressed individually. We utilize specialized testing equipment to pinpoint brain weakness and dysfunction. 

We provide individualized treatment programs to promote fast and long-lasting changes.

Abnormal Tracking

Normal Tracking
After Tr

Funtional Neurology

Functional Neurology Treatment

Our functional neurology treatment is designed to reduce and eliminate neurological symptoms from various origins. Our treatment programs are created based on your specific symptoms and unique presentation. 

Why We Are Different
How To Change Your Brain
What We Offer

Our initial examination consists of a comprehensive neurological evaluation comprising 2 full hours of testing. 

Why We Are Different

We offer one-on-one treatment in a program designed for your specific symptoms.

 How to Change Your Brain

We offer many different therapies designed to promote

neuroplasticity in the brain. 

POTS Patient Before Treatment

Same Patient 
After Treatment



Great Lakes Functional Neurology
5136 Cascade Rd. Ste. 1d
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Phone: (616)-581-1558
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Speak directly with the doctors about your symptoms/presentation to learn how we can help 
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