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Common Symptoms We See


At Great Lakes Neurology, we treat patients with neurological symptoms and conditions from various causes

Brain Injury/Concussion

Concussion and mild traumatic brain injury involve functional injuries to the brain and have inflammatory components. Concussion symptoms are common after many different injuries including:

​Post Whiplash

Neck Injuries


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Chemical Injuries

Post Viral Consequences


There are many forms of dizziness. Each unique presentation requires an appropriate assessment and rehabilitation program​. Common dizziness conditions include:


Spatial Orientation Dysfunction


Mal de Débarquement

Positional Dizziness

Central Otolithic Dysfunction


Dysautonomia is a dysregulation of the nervous system that controls automatic reflexes and vital functions of the body. Common symptoms include:

Constant Headache​

Dizziness upon Standing

Severe Brain Fog

Extreme Fatigue/Lethargy

Temperature Dysregulation

Coldness in Hands/Feet

Movement Disorders

There are many forms of tremors. 

Aberrant movement patterns should be assessed and treated according to different types of movements disorders: 

​Head Tremors

Essential Tremors

Hand/Arm Tremors

Restless Leg Syndrome

Parkinson's Tremor

Facial Tremors


Headache/Migraine conditions have many different causes and numerous presentations. Appropriate evaluation is key to symptom resolution:

​Constant Headache

Cluster Headache

Headache behind one eye

Suboccipital Pain/Headache

Vestibular Migraine

Abdominal Migraine

Unexplained Symptoms

Sometimes neurological symptoms can occur without a distinct cause or injury. Symptoms can start insidiously over time, or can occur very quickly. Appropriate history, evaluation, and diagnostic testing of the neurological system and other body systems is vital in pinpointing the root cause of the symptoms. If you have unexplained symptoms or symptoms that have not responded to other treatments, further evaluation is recommended. 


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