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Other Conditions We See

Other Conditions

Many patients we see have diverse symptoms. They range from classic symptoms like post-stroke conditions and Parkinson's disease symptoms, to unexplained and difficult symptoms from post-COVID and post-surgical complications. If the patient is experiencing symptoms associated with neurological compromise, evaluation and further testing of the brain and its integrity is warranted. It all begins with the evaluation of the neurological system and its association with the other systems of the body.

Saccade testing for cerebellum frontal lobe and brainstem

Normal Test

neurological testing for brain fog and don't feel right

Abnormal Test

There are many neurological symptoms that people experience from a variety of reasons. Below are common conditions and symptoms that patients may benefit from utilizing our testing methods and treatment applications:

Post-COVID Symptoms

Post-Viral Symptoms

Post-Surgical Symptoms

Tremor Disorders

Unexplained Fatigue

Loss of Motivation/Desire

Personality Changes

Extreme Anger/Sadness/Apathy

Cognitive Decline

Decreased Attention/Focus

Increased or Decreased Emotionality

Unresponsive to other Treatments

Unresponsive to Medications

Autoimmunity Conditions

Speech Disorders

Visual Disturbances

Psychological Conditions

Unrelenting/Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

Hyperacusis/Hearing Changes

Light Sensitivity

Sound Sensitivity

Evaluation of 

the Brain

During your 2 hour examination, our doctors will review relevant past medical history/imaging/blood work if necessary. You will be able to sit and talk directly with the doctor for a thorough history of your main complaints and symptoms. Our initial evaluation includes specific diagnostic testing, including a VNG assessment (real time digital eye recordings used to assess brain integrity), computerized dynamic posturography assessment (balance testing), saccadometry testing (targeted eye movement evaluation), and a head-to-toe neurological examination conducted by our doctors. A review of all relevant findings will be discussed with you after the testing is completed. 



Common therapies performed in our office:


- Vestibular rehabilitation

- Neuromuscular rehabilitation

- Off-vertical axis full body rotations

- Eye- head movement retraining

- Balance retraining

- Gait retraining

- Neck Strengthening

- Peripheral nerve stimulation

- Otolothic Repositioning maneuvers

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